Party Packs


We realize that our large and in charge bars aren't perfect for EVERY occasion, so for those with commitment issues and can't choose just one, or for occasions where grazing is more appropriate than bingeing, we've come up with a bite-size bar. These cute little baby bars come ready to dazzle your friends, family, guests, or co-workers. Choose from our crowd-pleasing creations, and let us take care of the dirty work. Our bars will arrive individually wrapped by flavor and ready for you to arrange attractively on your grandma's finest silver platter or scatter across the break room counter at work. That part's up to you.


Here's a little side-by-side comparison of our Monster Cookie Bar (on the left) versus a 6-pack of our Monster Cookie Baby Bars (on the right).

Our packs come in 3 sizes:

Small (serves 4-6). You'll get a total 24 baby bars in 1 or 2 flavors. This is for your smaller get-togethers. Late night cram session with a few classmates, chick flick marathon with your besties, or dinner party with your new boss... you come up with the excuse, we'll send you the goods. $20  

Click here to build your small party pack.

This is a prime example of a small order of our baby bars. 2 flavors with 12 Baby Bars of each.

Medium (serves 10-12). This comes with a total of 48 baby bars in up to 4 flavors. This is the pack you want when you're headed to a potluck and hoping to impress. $38

Click here to build your medium party pack.

Large (serves 15-20). This comes with a whopping 84 baby bars in your choice of up to 7 flavors. This is for the bigger events. Dressing up for a cocktail party or donning an ugly Christmas sweater, collect your crew and indulge in some deliciousness. $63

Click here to build your large party pack.


If you're just too popular and these offerings can't accommodate your crew, let us know. We'll see what we can do to feed your massive posse. Contact